Registered Migration Agent - Perth

Registered Migration Agent - Perth

ACL Migration Agents - Employer Sponsored Work Visas (186, 187)

ACL Migration Agents specialise in Australia visas including parent visas, partner visas, work visas and skilled visas. For advice and eligibility telephone: +61 8 9301 0660. Work, study or live, Australia visa applications can be complex. Using our professional services ensures that your Australia visa application is valid and increases the probability of a successful outcome. 

Visa Services

As a Registered Migration Agent in Perth with over 10 years experience in the Migration business, you are assured of receiving the most professional and up to date assistance for all your Australia migration and visa enquiries.

We offer you complete flexibility in the services you require, from initial consultations and preliminary advice through to a full service visa application. Additionally a major benefit of appointing a Migration Agent in Perth is that the majority of applications are lodged in Australia, so if any input or changes are required during processing, we are available to correspond and liaise with the case officers on any issues. For more information or to make an appointment to see a Migration Agent based in Perth to discuss the Australia Visa best suited to you, please Contact Us.

As an Australian registered migration agent I can:

  •  Constantly advise you on the visa that may best suit your requirements .
  • Inform you of the documents and supporting evidence you will need to submit with your visa application.
  • Assist with the compilation, completion, submission and lodgement of the application forms.
  • Communicate and correspond with the department on your behalf in the event of any queries.
  • Assist in the preparation of the nomination, skills assessments and visa application.

Australia Permanent Residence Visas - Employer Sponsored

186 Visa - Employer Nominated Visa

The 186 visa allows employers to sponsor or assist employees on a 457 visa a pathway to progress to permanent residence while remaining in Australia.

There are 3 eligibility pathways for the 186 visa:

  • Direct Entry Stream - For applicants who do not hold a 457 visa.
  • Transitional Residence Stream - For applicants who have worked for their employer for 2 years while holding a 457 visa.
  • Agreement Stream - for persons who will work for an employer who has a labour agreement (this is relatively uncommon - but please contact us for further details).
The key requirements for this visa which you must meet at the time the application is lodged are as follows:
  •  your employer must be prepared to nominate you for permanent residence and meet the nomination requirements.   
  •  your occupation must be on the gazetted CSOL list.

Other eligibility requirements:

  • Transition Stream - You must have worked in a full-time position in Australia in the occupation (mentioned above) on a Subclass 457 visa, for your employer, for the last two years prior to the visa application being made. OR
  • Direct Entry Stream - have had your skills assessed as suitable by the appropriate skills assessing authority and have at least three years full-time work experience in the occupation before the visa application is lodged (unless there are exceptional circumstances)
  •  show that you have the appropriate skills, qualifications and/or experience to fill the position If you need to be licensed or registered, then you must already be so (e.g. registered nurse, electrician etc.)
  •  be under 50 years of age (unless you meet the exemptions)
  •  provide a contract confirming your remuneration, position, employment terms etc. This must meet market salary requirements.
  •  have Competent English language ability (i.e. IELTS of at least 6.0 in each band)
  • you will also need to meet the health and character requirements for a permanent visa.

187 Visa - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The 187 visa- Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme RSMS - allows employers in regional areas of Australia to sponsor overseas employees for permanent residence. This is particularly useful for employees in an occupation with a lesser skill level than their metro counterparts. This visa has three streams:

  • Temporary Residence Transition Stream - For applicants who have worked, in the same position, for their employer for 2 years while holding a 457 visa. 
  • Direct Entry Stream -For applicants who have been nominated by their employer and who have only briefly, or never worked in Australia.
  • Agreement Stream - For 457 Visa holders who are nominated by their employer through a labour agreement.

The key requirements for this visa, which you must meet at the time the application is lodged, are as follows:

  •  You are sponsored / nominated by your employer and the nomination has been approved by a Regional body. 
  •  Hold an eligible visa allowing you to make a 187 application - for which the 457 visa is one. 
  •  Have the relevant diploma or trade for the nominated position, which is equivalent to at least an Australian diploma level - unless exceptional circumstances apply and the position has been certified by a Regional Authority
  • If you need to be licensed or registered, then you must already be so (e.g. registered nurse, electrician etc.) 
  •  have been offered a full time position for a fixed term of at least two years by providing a contract confirming your remuneration, position, employment terms etc.
  • Be under 50 years old unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  •  Have Functional English language (IELTS average of 6.0) - there are other ways also to demonstrate your English ability. 

Note - should you obtain the 187 visa (successful application) you must remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two years. The visa may be cancelled if you do not comply with this and complete the two year contract with your employer.

Please contact our Migration Agent in Perth to arrange a consultation, for which we charge a fee:

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We charge a reasonable fee for migration advice relating to Australia visas & visa compilation assistance.  We are not affiliates of the Department of Immigration & Border Protection - they can be contacted for free advice.